Construction Planning

Our services in construction planning

In our company, the focus is on the development and planning of construction projects, ranging from the initial design phase to detailed execution planning. Our goal is to realize architectural projects that not only impress with their aesthetic appeal but also convince in terms of economic viability. We place great emphasis on practical planning that puts the needs and requirements of our clients at the forefront. Another central concern of our work is sustainable construction. This includes the selection of environmentally friendly materials, energy-efficient construction methods, and the integration of green technologies to minimize the ecological footprint of our projects. Through this holistic approach, we strive to create buildings that not only stand the test of time but also make a positive contribution to the environment and society both now and in the future.

Potential analysis

As experienced real estate developers, we can identify potentials and assess construction risks. Therefore, we review and accompany transactions for our partners and clients.

Design planning

Our services in design planning include the creation of innovative and functional concepts that meet the needs and desires of our clients while also being aesthetically appealing. In design planning, we leverage our extensive expertise and years of experience to develop individualized and tailored solutions.

Building physics

Our expertise in building physics allows us to transform architectural visions into technically and energetically optimized realities. We utilize state-of-the-art simulation methods to analyze and optimize buildings in terms of their thermal and moisture dynamics, sound insulation, and air quality.

Detailed planning

In the execution planning phase, we leverage our expertise and experience to bring your architectural designs to life. We create detailed plans and drawings that contain all the necessary information to ensure a smooth and precise implementation.

Design guidelines

We develop equipment catalogs and specify materials and surfaces, such as flooring, wall coverings, furniture, or sanitary elements. We consider both aesthetic and functional aspects, ensuring that the materials meet the requirements of each space.

Marketing material

As experts in real estate development, we have a wide network with real estate funds and family offices and can serve as a potential advisor in the selection and alignment of the real estate project.


The concept of ‘BIM Levels’ (and ‘BIM Level 2 compliance’) has become the ‘accepted’ definition of what criteria are required to be deemed BIM-compliant, by seeing the adoption process as the next steps in a journey that has taken the industry from the drawing board to the computer and, ultimately, into the digital age.

Level 0 BIM

Level 0: No collaboration, basic 2D CAD drafting for Production Information, primarily paper-based, now outdated in the industry.

Level 1 BIM

Level 1: Blend of 3D CAD for concept and 2D for approval docs, adhering to BS 1192:2007 standards, data shared via common data environment.

Level 2 BIM

Level 2 BIM emphasizes collaborative work with project-specific information exchange coordinated among different systems and participants.

Level 3 BIM

Level 3 BIM aims to set global data standards, ensure uniform contracts, promote collaboration, educate clients, and stimulate tech and construction growth.