Zeppelinstraße 51/52

This redesign creates four exclusive residential units spanning a total area of 360 square meters and boasting high-quality fittings, including frameless doors and premium hardwood flooring.

Wilhelmsdorfer Str. 11

The barrier-free residential building “Wilhelm11” is located right in the heart of Wilhelmsdorfer Str. 11, directly adjacent to the city center.

Schönebecker Straße 20

In close proximity to the Elbe River, a total of 10 new residential units and a retail space are being built at the quiet Schönebecker Straße 20.

Schönburgstraße 18-20

On an area of 600 square meters, a modernly designed attic is being constructed, which will house five individual apartments.

Schaperstraße 34

In Schaperstraße 34 in Berlin Charlottenburg, a new construction project is underway, featuring a total of 15 apartments designed for people of all ages and lifestyles.


In the “Neue Mitte” district of Elstal, the construction of a medical center named “GesundheitPlus” is planned.

Farberstraße 8

In Farberstraße 8 in Magdeburg, a new residential project is being realized, featuring a total of 15 modern apartments spread across four floors. Each apartment will feature a unique floor plan to provide a variety of living options.

Brandenburger Straße 36

In Brandenburger Straße 36, not far from the historic city center of Nauen, a new residential development project focusing on subsidized housing is underway.